Harnessing the sun’s energy to heat water makes sense, after all, it is one of the oldest uses of solar energy!  Family water heaters consume more than 50 trillion kilowatt-hours of energy every year and create millions of tons of pollution.

Did you know the Pure Energy of the Sun produces enough power in less than One Hour to meet our World’s Energy Needs for One Year?


Shrink your Power Bill with the Pure Energy of the Sun! A powerful, attractive “Skyline” ZERO pollution water heater puts the sun’s energy to work in your home.  It will work hard for decades to shrink your high energy bills and cut environmental pollution for decades to come.

And the government wants you to go solar!  Uncle Sam pays 30% of the cost of your system and other State and Utility rebates may apply. 

Known as “The Low Hanging Fruit” in the solar energy world, solar water heating is the first step in taking control of your energy costs. Most household spend between $500-$1,000 per year to heat the water you use for washing and bathing. By using free, unlimited heat from the sun, a Skyline Solar Water Heating System will produce up to 90% of the hot water you need.

It’s the best first step: A Skyline Solar Water Heating System deliver a better rate of return on your investment when compared to any other energy alternative.

Save money: With a Skyline Solar Water Heating Systemyou will use up to 90% less gas, propane or electricity for water heating. That adds up to a savings of tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your system. As fossil fuel costs rise, you will save even more.

Qualifies for tax credits: 30% of the cost of your Skyline Solar Water Heating System is paid for with dollar for dollar Federal Tax Credits! See Federal Form 5695.This credit includes boxing, shipping and installation. There are also additional Rebates, other incentives and credits available in many states.

Pays for itself immediately: For most families, home Equity will increase immediately, often enough to offset the cost of installation. In addition, your savings may be positive day one if you purchase it on a low interest Credit Card or home equity loan.

Energy security: Of importance to you and your country, purchasing a Skyline Solar Water Heating System will reduce dependence imported energy.

Environmental responsibility: A Skyline Solar Water Heating System produces no, hazardous waste, air pollution or noise. It is one of the cleanest energy generating technologies available today.

Operates without electricity: Enjoy hot showers and clean dishes with free hot water from the sun - even if your power is out! By choosing a Skyline Solar Hot Water System, you won’t have to give up the conveniences you love just because the power is out.