Super reliable Skyline3 systems are 100% Run By The SUN using a small solar electric “PV” panel - if the electricity goes out, you still have hot water! The system has only one moving part, the impeller in the electronic pump, the motor is actually a magnetic “Driver” that has no moving parts.

In addition a sophisticated 12 volt differential controller optimized the pump speed and operating time of the pump for maximum solar energy transfer.

These efficient systems are designed to work in temperate Florida climates and include a freeze valve for light freeze protection.  For a higher degree of light freeze protection, a recirculation option is available. 

In Northern and North Central Florida, a 100% freeze protected Skyline5 is recommended. The Skyline5 heats your water indirectly in a solar tank which has a large, very efficient, “wrap around” heat exchanger using a fluid called Propylene Glycol which is a non-toxic anti-freeze. The two fluids never mix.

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